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Careers With Us

PKT Facebook Page
We currently have 19,000 fans via our Facebook page which is mostly students.
Facebook Fans Career Day 2013
We organized a Career Day for our facebook fans to secure job with some big names like Air Asia X.
Facebook Complusory Company
We encourage our staffs to use Facebook to communicate internally & externally within staffs & clients.
PKT Talent Hunter
PKT Talent Hunter Facebook Group is our recruitment team via Facebook and there are more than 2,000 people queuing for job at PKT.

We are looking for ambitious, highly motivated, resourceful, energetic and dedicated individuals to be part of our company's growth. We recruit only via Facebook.Our recruitment philosophy:

  • We are not looking for people with qualification.
  • We look for a passionate person.
  • Passionate about us, our fun and honesty culture.

Kindly follow our Facebook page or Dato Michael Tio before you add yourself into PKT Talent Hunter. and you may send your resume to TalentHunter PKTian for job application.

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